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1 min readDec 26, 2021

Anne Marie Beautiful Lyrics.

I woke up, look in the mirror today, yeah
Got so many things that I wanna change, and
Everybody’s got something to say
But that’s just who we are.

My new clothes don’t fit anymore, now
Me and the mirror still continue to fall out
I don’t like this stranger staring at me

All my insecurities
Wishing for something different
All the things you do to me
Tell me the truth.

Are we beautiful
All of us
Cos we got something natural
It’s a part of us
Darling when they put you down like that
Yeah you can reply right back
You are beautiful.

I know, I know, you are
I know, I know, you are

I found myself looking again
Wondering why my body doesn’t look like them
Know it might sound weird but I refuse to pretend
And then you probably think the same every now and again.

I got more than all these scars
I got flaws and broken hearts
I don’t like this stranger staring at me

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